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Using NFT war vehicles, War Riders can create their own customized vehicles with custom logos and messages. Drive through waypoints while mining Benzene ($BZN) and raid other players to gain their coins. Players can mine in War Riders simply by finding $BZN in the Wasteland and claiming it.
A computerized multiplayer survival game, Satvival offers Bitcoin in-game rewards and Bitcoin NFTs. The game is currently available on the Elixir Bitcoin gaming platform. The main objective of Satvival is to survive along with Bitcoin rewards – overcoming difficulties such as hunger, skeletons, thirst, and cold.
In the world of MMOs, Mist is an open-world, action role-playing game with a dynamic combat style. A large influence from the Action RPG genre is found in the game’s core combat and questing mechanics. Players interact in-game with other players in a massively multiplayer world that is developed for the main MMO systems.
With its minimalistic low-poly and cartoonish design, Lightnite is a multiplayer third-person shooter with a multitude of game modes including team deathmatches and battle royales for solo and squad multiplayer gameplay.
An online sci-fi & fantasy real time NFT strategy game set in the fictonal Hermeian Galaxy. Hash Rush is a blockchain powered game that empowers and reward players to build, fight and trade their way to victory through means of growing and managing earned resources gathered by player’s colony, slained monsters, and trade system.

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