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Vehicular Combat Games

Using NFT war vehicles, War Riders can create their own customized vehicles with custom logos and messages. Drive through waypoints while mining Benzene ($BZN) and raid other players to gain their coins. Players can mine in War Riders simply by finding $BZN in the Wasteland and claiming it.
Among the pioneers in social crypto gaming, Tanks For Playing is a turn-based multiplayer online blockchain game that involves cooperative communication, coordination, planning and ultimately betrayal. The game’s high-reward tournaments distinguish this game from others in the crypto space. Each game is funded by the players who pay in order to participate. A winner is...
Developed with ENJIN Blockchain Technology, Space Misfits is a 3D Multiplayer Space game that allows player to battle together and earn income while playing. Space Misfits aims to offer players more than control over the game as a whole by owning, monetizing and controlling access.

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