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The gameplay in Phantom Galaxies combines real-time space sim gameplay with a fast-paced mech shooter and a compelling storyline. In the game, you will you immerse in a dangerous alien adversary, a rivalry that i shared with a previously rivaled faction of Neoterra. Take the fight to the Sha’Kari in one of the transforming Mecha...
VOID is a blockchain powered multiplayer online game that focuses on immersion, and character personalization with an aim to develop a Triple A grade blockchain gaming experieince built on an eco-system of blockchain-powered asssets, economics and community orientation. VOID values and forsters the culture of playing and earning, with emphasis on the ‘fun’ aspects and...
In Project Quantum, the objective is to acquire loot in an instanced MMOFPS. Players can enter a map alone or with a group. Compete with other players for equipment, hunt powerful monsters, mine for resources and seek out ancient technology. Ensure you extract yourself before all is lost. The aim of Project Quantum is to...
The SMI Play platform is launching Moonshot Voyage soon. SMI Play Token Items are used in this top-down shooter game.
With its minimalistic low-poly and cartoonish design, Lightnite is a multiplayer third-person shooter with a multitude of game modes including team deathmatches and battle royales for solo and squad multiplayer gameplay.

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