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Idle Games

Start as a street performer and work your way up to becoming a global superstar in the Rising Star Play-to-Earn Crypto Game. As you complete missions and trade or purchase cards to advance your musical career, STARBITS will be earned. Participate in contests, earn real money and listen to independent music.
An RPG game built on the Ethereum blockchain, My Crypto Heroes is an RPG battle game. The game allows you to play with historical heroes, to perform quests in search of rare items, and to compete with other players for rewards and renown.
Ninneko is a role-playing game based on NFT which is developed on Binance Smart Chain where players win by nurturing Ninneko, forming teams to defeat opponents in PvP and PvE battles and campaigns. Ninneko creatures have a unique combination of hair, ears, tails, eyes, hands, and mouths, their genetics determine these characteristics. Earn your Ninneko...
Nine Chronicles, which is set in a massive fantasy world, is controlled by its players, and it is supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the most important factors. It is an open-source online role-playing game without servers – like Bitcoin or BitTorrent, the players and miners interact with each other to...
You will be able to take full control over your game items – enhance and enchant them with your effort for higher value. Gather various classes of Heroes to form a team. Heroes possess different abilities, skills, and characteristics. Take part in thrilling battles between powerful Heroes!
This innovative game provides a unique combination of NFT technology and the new generation of IDLE RPG trend. A strong point of the game is the idle mode that enables NFT gamers to earn a lot of money without spending hours in front of the screen, hanging up overnight and damaging the device.
Discover the world of Eggrypto by hatching and growing cute monsters. The rare monsters can be owned as digital assets secured by blockchain. Players can hatch eggs from the mini world trees as a means of obtaining new monsters. Occasionally, players can obtain rare monsters called Raremons that are immutable and hard-capped on the blockchain.
A cross between the immensely successful mobile game Brave Frontier and the no.1 blockchain game My Crypto Heroes, Brave Frontier Heroes is an exciting new game. With this game, you can enjoy the popular gameplay of Brave Frontier combined with the proven economic model of My Crypto Heroes. As a turn-based strategy game, Brave Frontier...
Battle Racers is an action-packed arcade game that involves building, racing, and battling model cars on arcade-sized tracks. It is possible to obtain parts and weapons through loot crates, competitions, or by disassembling race cars. In the blockchain, a car is considered a practice car unless it is tokenized as a race car.

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