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Fighting Games

The PvP fighting game Plush Fight League is based on the Solana Blockchain, where players get to duke it out in an adorable universe of 1 to 1 combat taking inspiration from Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat.
Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-IP peer-to-peer multiplayer game for the NFT Universe. Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is not just a virtual avatar project; it is a real-time multiplayer game that brings together all the various NFT collections on a single platform. This allows you to play with any NFT that you own and battle...
Contaverse is a robot fighting game developed using Enjin. It is possible to customize the loadout of body parts and weapons on each robot. Besides casual elements influenced by Tamagotchi-style games, the game incorporates PVP and PVE modes as well. The goal is to create gameplay that is entertaining, but not too reliant on skills...

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