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In Nestables, players can collect, trade, and breed 3D ‘Cubes’, each of which will have its own personality, characteristics, and appearance. As part of their Cube experience, gamers will be able to design, create, and decorate their very own ‘Nest’ for them to live in, play in, and work in. In addition to collecting resources...
9Lives Arena
9lives Arena is a multi-player online competitive role-playing game (RPG) focused on one-to-one multiplayer battles. It offers permadeath, persistent progression, resource gathering, and item creation in addition to Ooogy, the world’s first online/offline companion, which works around the clock.
War of Crypta
War of Crypta offers the opportunity to create a collection of heroes and test them against others in exciting Player versus Player (PvP) battles. For a live matchup against another War of Crypta player, you may field a roster of up to four Heroes.
The Six Dragons
Inspire by classic RPG titles, Six Dragons is a fantasy Open World game. An area of 64 kilometers squared is available to players in the game, full of opportunities, fights, and excitement. There is the option for the player to explore the world freely, farm and harvest, craft or enchant more than 300 unique items,...
Lost Relics
A RPG (action-adventure role-playing game) that utilizes Enjin blockchain loot for provably rare and valuable items, Lost Relics is powered by Unity and is structured as an ARPG. Therefore, a number of the in-game assets are minted as NFTs on the blockchain and are therefore owned by the players who obtain them. Furthermore, players may...
Dungeon Universe
A first-of-its-kind MMORPG with intensive action built on blockchain technology, Dungeon Universe is an MMORPG set in an open world. The blockchain technology will impact every aspect of the game, and players will be rewarded for their time invested in the game. In the beginning, weapons and armor may be used, but this will evolve...
Contaverse: Battle
Contaverse is a robot fighting game developed using Enjin. It is possible to customize the loadout of body parts and weapons on each robot. Besides casual elements influenced by Tamagotchi-style games, the game incorporates PVP and PVE modes as well. The goal is to create gameplay that is entertaining, but not too reliant on skills...

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