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Solana Sneks
An upcoming blockchain-based stake game will use 10,000An upcoming blockchain-based stake game will use 10,000 unique generative NFT tokens called Solana Sneks. unique generative NFT tokens called Solana Sneks.
The Galaxy of Lemuria
A massively multiplayer online (MMO) survival game, Galaxy of Lemuria combines a trading card system with a player-driven blockchain economy and a procedurally generated galaxy to explore. Galaxy of Lemuria will introduce you to new worlds, moons, and environments. In this game, the goal is to survive against all odds while making new friends and...
Phantom Galaxies
The gameplay in Phantom Galaxies combines real-time space sim gameplay with a fast-paced mech shooter and a compelling storyline. In the game, you will you immerse in a dangerous alien adversary, a rivalry that i shared with a previously rivaled faction of Neoterra. Take the fight to the Sha’Kari in one of the transforming Mecha...
VOID is a blockchain powered multiplayer online game that focuses on immersion, and character personalization with an aim to develop a Triple A grade blockchain gaming experieince built on an eco-system of blockchain-powered asssets, economics and community orientation. VOID values and forsters the culture of playing and earning, with emphasis on the ‘fun’ aspects and...
Ninja Game
Ninja Game is a multiplayer action RPG game similar to popular titles like Path of Exile and Diablo. The key difference between this game and the others is that, rather than prohibiting or limiting trade between players, we plan to fully support it with a unique integration of both crypto and NFT.
Wilder World
With, we envision creating a fully decentralized and community-owned virtual nation within our immersive Metaverse. Having re-envisioned the future, we are leading a Web3 cyber renaissance with AAA game quality and photo-realistic NFTs with utility that are the basis of Wilder World.
My Neighbor Alice
Alice is a multiplayer game where users can acquire virtual islands, collect and construct exciting items, and meet new friends.
League Of Ancients
Inspires by both DoTA2 and League of Legends, League of Ancients is a MOBA NFT. LOA aims to create an engaging community with a vibrant economy by leveraging blockchain technology to leverage Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn mechanics.
Cradles: Origin of Species
Cradles: Origin Of Species is a blockchain-based game set in prehistoric times. For the first time in a video game, it incorporates the time and entropy systems to mesh real-world time and space rules. Over time, buildings will deteriorate, NPCs will need assistance, and the world itself will need maintenance. The world will collapse if...
VOXs are unique ERC721, containing provably randomized traits true to their personalities. It will be the first set of NFTs to be released and will contain only 8,888 characters.

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