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Simulation Games

Alice is a multiplayer game where users can acquire virtual islands, collect and construct exciting items, and meet new friends.
Powered by the Binance Smart Chain (and other blockchains coming soon), Black Eye Galaxy is a virtual space metaverse that allows players to purchase planets and solar systems, explore the galaxy, mine resources on planets and asteroids, discover a variety of salvage from across the galaxy and sell it in-game, establish civilisations, gain access to...
A game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Cyber Dragon is an online game that allows players to create characters, challenge copies, and loot rare items. Players must defeat the ultimate boss, the cyber dragon, in order to complete the challenge. By paying tokens, all players will become part of the treasure house of the...
To compete against other players, players have the option of choosing one of two game modes in Trade Race Manager. Cars and racers are both NFTs in the Polygon blockchain network.
Through SolanaValley, real-time multiplayer world is born, in which individuals can play, trade, and interact with each other – all on the Solana blockchain!
Based on the Polygon (MATIC) network, RPGChain aims to create a tabletop RPG ecosystem with a decentralized structure. The RPGChain blockchain technology allows you to create unique heroes, to roll provably fair 20’s, and to keep permanent records of your adventures. Furthermore, you can use your favorite NFT from other projects to go on adventures.
The PXL Wars is a turn-based PvP Play2Earn game where you can customize and upgrade your Forged PXL heroes, and you can earn rewards for victory in battles and tournaments. All users will have access to the Alpha version of the game, which will only offer classic 1v1 PvP battles and other PvE quests which...
Play against other players by capturing and training PokMonsters. Earn $POK by winning battles and receiving AFK rewards.
In PEGAXY, players compete for top 3 placements against 11 other racers in a play-to-earn PVP-style horse racing game. There are randomised elements in each race, including wind, water, fire, speed, etc. To earn the platform’s utility token, $VIS (Vigorus), players are required to place in the top three using upgrades, food, and skill.
Kryptomon is an NFT Play-and-Earn blockchain game, where Pokémon meets Tamagotchi and CryptoKitties. Set in the Kryptomon metaverse, community members play as ‘Trainers’ of their own individual monsters — Kryptomon.

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