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In addition to being part of the REVV Motorsport metaverse of racing games, REVV Racing is a milestone in Animoca Brands’ ambitious plan to develop blockchain-based video games that are high quality, look, and feel like traditional video games.
There is a great deal of future vehicle technology here based upon simulated physics with track and sector capture, resource ownership, real-time modifications, race track abilities, and vehicle tuning. Think of it like a combination of Gran Turismo, Wipeout, Starcraft and Monopoly. 22 Series a blockchain game that aims to combine working features of other...
KRL is an online kart racing league inspired by Sonic, in which people can earn tokens through skill-based gaming and contributions to the ecosystem. In this online multiplayer game, players can race one another online, collect NFT characters, trade them, and progressively evolve them.
F1® Delta Time is a blockchain game based on Ethereum. Cars, drivers, and components are collected and traded in the game. There are two main aspects of F1® Delta Time, namely Collection and Competitive Racing.

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