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Built on the foundation of three pillars: Play, Earn, and Connect. The web, iOS, and Android versions of Upland let users explore the earth’s metaverse mapped to reality. In Upland, there exists a ‘real economy’ that is maintained by the players through the market forces of supply and demand.
By developing a unique virtual world, The Sandbox enables players to develop, own, trade, and earn revenue from their gaming experiences using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and $SAND, the platform’s main utility token that serves as the foundation for all transactions and interactions, enabling players to build, own, govern, trade, and earn money. In The Sandbox,...
At this stage in development there are almost 7,000 land owners in Each land parcel is a uniquely numbered Cardano NFT (CNFT) based on its location within Currently, land parcels cannot be visited or deployed. This project is in the very early stages of development, the success of this digital world is dependent...
With, we envision creating a fully decentralized and community-owned virtual nation within our immersive Metaverse. Having re-envisioned the future, we are leading a Web3 cyber renaissance with AAA game quality and photo-realistic NFTs with utility that are the basis of Wilder World.
Evolution Land is a virtual game simulation that utilizes blockchain technology to support cross-chain interaction. Each of the 26 continents in the game will be deployed on a separate public chain. Currently, Ethereum (Atlantis Continent) and Tron (Byzantine) have been used to create two continents. Participants will set the governance parameters, such as the rate...
The Evaverse video game is an application for the NFT Community that can be played on a multiplayer basis. Within the Evaverse, each NFT represents a rigged and animated playable character. You are granted exclusive access to an avatar within the Evaverse by owning a First Arrivals character.
Cryptovoxels is a platform for building virtual worlds and metaverses that uses Ethereum.
VOXs are unique ERC721, containing provably randomized traits true to their personalities. It will be the first set of NFTs to be released and will contain only 8,888 characters.
Blektopia is an enormous skyscraper composed of 21 levels honoring 21 million Bitcoin. Those holding the tokens will be known as Bloktopians. The hub will act as a central gathering place for crypto enthusiasts of all levels of experience. Users will be able to access crypto information and immersive content in one place for the...
The Somnium Space is an Open, Social, and Persistent Virtual Reality environment. Users will shape and create this space entirely in Somnium Space. Users will have the option of purchasing virtual land and building virtually anything they wish, such as shopping malls, arcades, movie theaters, parks, schools, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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