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Ninja Game is a multiplayer action RPG game similar to popular titles like Path of Exile and Diablo. The key difference between this game and the others is that, rather than prohibiting or limiting trade between players, we plan to fully support it with a unique integration of both crypto and NFT.
Players of Guild of Guardians can convert their gaming passion into assets in this mobile RPG. The two-player action, fantasy RPG will allow players to build their own dream team of ‘Guardians’ and compete in a guild for epic, tradeable rewards.
9lives Arena is a multi-player online competitive role-playing game (RPG) focused on one-to-one multiplayer battles. It offers permadeath, persistent progression, resource gathering, and item creation in addition to Ooogy, the world’s first online/offline companion, which works around the clock.
Aside from offering you a realistic role-playing experience, Outland Odyssey also features cooperative multiplayer adventures, tournament battles, and guild wars. In addition to creating their own Dungeons, players can also tame Zeds, complete quests, and collect rare NFT assets. In the future, Path of Avoria and Seed of Destiny will be released in more games....
Overlord is confident that it is the first mobile RPG to successfully integrate NFT, so players will be able to enjoy the game with just a mobile phone and an internet connection.
A RPG (action-adventure role-playing game) that utilizes Enjin blockchain loot for provably rare and valuable items, Lost Relics is powered by Unity and is structured as an ARPG. Therefore, a number of the in-game assets are minted as NFTs on the blockchain and are therefore owned by the players who obtain them. Furthermore, players may...
Team up with your friends to adventure across time and space with Big Time’s multiplayer action RPG blockchain game developed by Triple A developers. Explore ruins, retro futuristic civiliazations and battle your way through time, both history and future and collect Exhalted and Legendary NFT items to decorate your ‘Space’ and Avatar. Interact with Time...
Discover Aepiran’s world. A world of fantasy where you collect raw materials and components in order to craft gears and upgrades for your heroes. Your heroes will gain experience and equipment upgrades by slaying monsters in the wilderness. Become the richest blacksmith by crafting, clearing dungeons, and trading with other players and experience the best...

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