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The Wasted Lands
In The Wasted Land, players experience a true puzzle-RPG-Strategy experience across a post-apocalyptic world as they embark on amazing quests across the post-apocalyptic world.
In PEGAXY, players compete for top 3 placements against 11 other racers in a play-to-earn PVP-style horse racing game. There are randomised elements in each race, including wind, water, fire, speed, etc. To earn the platform’s utility token, $VIS (Vigorus), players are required to place in the top three using upgrades, food, and skill.
Galaxy Fight Club
Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-IP peer-to-peer multiplayer game for the NFT Universe. Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is not just a virtual avatar project; it is a real-time multiplayer game that brings together all the various NFT collections on a single platform. This allows you to play with any NFT that you own and battle...
Discover Aepiran’s world. A world of fantasy where you collect raw materials and components in order to craft gears and upgrades for your heroes. Your heroes will gain experience and equipment upgrades by slaying monsters in the wilderness. Become the richest blacksmith by crafting, clearing dungeons, and trading with other players and experience the best...

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