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In PEGAXY, players compete for top 3 placements against 11 other racers in a play-to-earn PVP-style horse racing game. There are randomised elements in each race, including wind, water, fire, speed, etc. To earn the platform’s utility token, $VIS (Vigorus), players are required to place in the top three using upgrades, food, and skill.
Myōbu: Project Hikari
The Myobu team is promoting a whole ecosystem of upcoming GameFi applications that will enable users to engage in Play-to-Earn activities in many different ways, from a web browser-based platform to an immersive gaming experience.
F1 Delta Time
F1® Delta Time is a blockchain game based on Ethereum. Cars, drivers, and components are collected and traded in the game. There are two main aspects of F1® Delta Time, namely Collection and Competitive Racing.
Codyfight is a multiplayer turn-based strategy and programming game that allows tech-savvy fans to have fun while utilizing their skills. There are unique pre-programmed robots in this metaverse with custom NFT skins that engage in engaging battles of wits and logic between their owners.
Chain Guardians
Chain Guardians is a blockchain-based gaming platform which combines traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technology. As part of the ChainGuardians ecosystem, players are able to participate in a free-to-play NFT mining platform and role-playing game, both of which will allow them to earn income, converting their time and energy into tangible rewards.

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