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Drunken Dragon: Inns & Quests
As a part of Inns & Quest: Drunken Dragon, players will have the responsibility of managing and owning an Inn & Tavern. Players will be assigned a name to be remembered and will begin collecting items. In addition to collecting furniture of deep fantasy, you will also have the opportunity to collect adventurers of rich...
Wanaka Farm
In Wanaka Farm, people can own their own virtual lands and other NFT items to plant, grow, and harvest to earn their cryptocurrency. Depending on their preferences or the suitability of their farm’s environment, players will be able to purchase seeds or pets to grow on their farms. Players will be able to own harvests...
Solana Valley
Through SolanaValley, real-time multiplayer world is born, in which individuals can play, trade, and interact with each other – all on the Solana blockchain!
Moonshot Voyage
The SMI Play platform is launching Moonshot Voyage soon. SMI Play Token Items are used in this top-down shooter game.
Along with the Gods
You will be able to take full control over your game items – enhance and enchant them with your effort for higher value. Gather various classes of Heroes to form a team. Heroes possess different abilities, skills, and characteristics. Take part in thrilling battles between powerful Heroes!

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