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GNO City
An immersive storyline will be the hallmark of GNO City’s trading card game. In the city, Gnomes play various roles. The experience value of each card parallel and rarity varies. The skill and gem value of each card differs. This allows you to unlock the endless possibilities of GNO City as a player and earn...
Metal War
Metal War is a collectible card MMORTS based on the WAX blockchain. The game’s alpha version is currently available on the AtomicHub and can be played through the web browser.
In HodlGod, warriors compete for supremacy in a fantasy setting in a PvP/PvE battle royale game. As part of the WAX blockchain, NFTs are a critical component of the game, which ensures that the player owns all the in-game assets they earn. As part of the HodlGod experience, players receive in-game NFT drops, making this...
Alien Worlds
Alien Worlds is a DeFi Metaverse blockchain-based game that anyone can play, for free. In Alien Worlds, you can earn Trilium ($TLM) by mining and have a chance to earn an NFT game card every time you mine. Explorers will need to log into WAX Cloud Wallet with their WAX account in which they will...

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