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Space Misfits
Developed with ENJIN Blockchain Technology, Space Misfits is a 3D Multiplayer Space game that allows player to battle together and earn income while playing. Space Misfits aims to offer players more than control over the game as a whole by owning, monetizing and controlling access.
Moonshot Voyage
The SMI Play platform is launching Moonshot Voyage soon. SMI Play Token Items are used in this top-down shooter game.
Kingdom Karnage
Kingdom Karnage (KK) is a cross-platform virtual trading card game that can be played on Android and PC (Apple is coming soon). A tokenised version of all the assets in the game may be withdrawn as FTs/NFTs infused with Enjin Cryptocurrency.Due to KK’s integration into Enjin’s Jumpnet, there is no cost to KK in the...

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