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Binance Smart Chain

Mezurashi are revolutionizing traditional games as the world evolves. There are no doubt that these are NFTs. Their rarity is verifiable and indestructible. They can be collected, exchanged, and merged. Merging two cards (necessarily of the same rarity and level) will increase the level of the combined card in its category.
League Of Ancients
Inspires by both DoTA2 and League of Legends, League of Ancients is a MOBA NFT. LOA aims to create an engaging community with a vibrant economy by leveraging blockchain technology to leverage Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn mechanics.
Crypto Tycoon
In addition to being a member of Binance MVB II, CryptoTycoon is also a DeFi gaming platform based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). To participate in yield farming and NFT collection, players can use BNB, BUSD and other BSC-based tokens.
Developed by Riveted Games on the Binance Smart Chain platform, CryptoBlades is a Play to Earn NFT RPG. In this game, the player seeks to acquire legendary swords and powerful characters to wield them. In combat, players can earn $SKILL tokens by using their assets. NFTs are owned by players and are denominated according to...
Block Monsters
A blockchain game, Blockmonsters, involves the collection and training of creatures based on NFT known as “Blockmons” to fight and trade with other players around the globe.
Black Eye Galaxy
Powered by the Binance Smart Chain (and other blockchains coming soon), Black Eye Galaxy is a virtual space metaverse that allows players to purchase planets and solar systems, explore the galaxy, mine resources on planets and asteroids, discover a variety of salvage from across the galaxy and sell it in-game, establish civilisations, gain access to...
A game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Cyber Dragon is an online game that allows players to create characters, challenge copies, and loot rare items. Players must defeat the ultimate boss, the cyber dragon, in order to complete the challenge. By paying tokens, all players will become part of the treasure house of the...
Wanaka Farm
In Wanaka Farm, people can own their own virtual lands and other NFT items to plant, grow, and harvest to earn their cryptocurrency. Depending on their preferences or the suitability of their farm’s environment, players will be able to purchase seeds or pets to grow on their farms. Players will be able to own harvests...
The Wasted Lands
In The Wasted Land, players experience a true puzzle-RPG-Strategy experience across a post-apocalyptic world as they embark on amazing quests across the post-apocalyptic world.
Starmon Metaverse
A three-dimensional Play-to-Earn game based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Starmon Metaverse is built in a virtual world named Andrés. It is populated with creatures with superhuman abilities referred to as Starmons. Tokens can be earned by participating in games and contributing to the Andres ecosystem. As the player, one can collect, train, and trade...

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